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A Very Special Christmas Market Saturday, November 14, 2020 9am to 5pm

A Very Special Christmas Market Saturday, November 14, 2020 9am to 5pm

A Very Special Christmas Market Saturday, November 14, 2020 9am to 5pmA Very Special Christmas Market Saturday, November 14, 2020 9am to 5pm

Vendor Rules

Click the button below to print a copy of the Brookings Harbor Community Bazaar Rules and Regulations.  You will need to submit this copy along with your Vender Insurance Waiver in order to participate in this year's event.


Brookings Harbor Bazaar Rules and Regulations 2020


Vendors please note:  To register, call per information below NO EARLIER THAN 9AM ON 

SEPTEMBER 1, 2020.  Then copy and paste this page and Vendor Waiver and return fees by Oct. 9.

Sign-ups begin on September 9th of each year at 9am.  You must call 541-469-2093 to register. Each vendor is allowed one space only.  Items must be handcrafted, made by the artists.  You will be given a space number over the phone when you sign up.  There are only a few wall located electrical outlets, so if you need one, be sure to request it.

The Bazaar is being held in both the Azalea Middle School Gym and the Brookings Harbor High School Multipurpose Room, back-to-back on the same property. Booth spaces vary somewhat, but are generally 8.5 by 6 feet.  Each building has spaces against the wall and in the center of the room.  Chairs are furnished, but  NOT tables.


Once you have called and obtained a space number, please print out this page and the Insurance Waiver page.  Sign them and send in your deposit and booth fee in TWO separate checks.  The fee is $40 for your space and a $25 deposit which is returned to you if you stay until 5pm Saturday.  Please make checks to Brookings Nite FCE at the address on the bottom of this page.  IMPORTANT:  IF YOU OR ANY OF YOUR GROUP REMOVES CRAFT ITEMS FROM YOUR BOOTH PRIOR TO 5PM CLOSING, YOUR DEPOSIT FEE IS FORFEITED.  Checks and forms are due by October 9th or booth will be re-assigned.   Refunds are given up to two weeks prior to the event.  

 We will have a basic of the spaces available posted on the web site for both buildings.  That should help you find your location easily.  The maps will also be posted at the venue. Please be aware that the maps are for information only and are subject to minor changes as needed by venue and regulations.   

Bazaar Day

Operating Your Booth:

Set Up:

You will be able to set up on Friday night, November 15, no later than 7pm.  School activities dictate the times we can get in to set up the venues, and we will post on the outside doors the approximate time we will be done.  Start checking as early as 5pm for the signs.  Spaces will be open until 9pm, and open again at 7am on Saturday morning.  Each space will be marked on the floor with masking tape, numbered and your receipt will be posted.  Two chairs will be placed in each booth area. Maps will be located at the doors, and one of our staff will be available at each venue to help. 

 Please do not bring children unless they are completely supervised at all times.  Animals are not allowed, with the exception of service animals. 


The venues are locked up by the school staff at closing on Friday night and our FCE staff do not leave the areas until this happens.  The buildings are not opened the next morning until our group arrives to take charge.  While our group nor the school cannot be liable for any loss or damage, every precaution is taken.  There has never been an incident in the many years of the bazaar.  

Other Reminders


You are expected to remove all the items you brought, such as trash, boxes, sacks, etc.  We cannot use the schools' garbage containers for such items.  In order to get your deposit back, you must not start breaking down until 5pm.  


Food vendors are invited to participate in the outdoor area between the two venues.  Also, the church across the street usually has a lunch.  Food is allowed at your space.  Once you are registered, we will email other info as it is known.  Drinks are available in each venue all day, including coffee as soon as we can get it perked in the morning!  


Vendor parking must be OFFSITE in order to accommodate your customers.  There will be parking at Kalmiopsis School, directly to the north of the venues, and street-side.  DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOTS ADJACENT TO BOTH VENUES.  This is very important, because if we don't have close-by parking space for the customers, the bazaar will not be successful for the vendors, especially in inclement weather.  After you are done setting up, please move your vehicles as far away as possible.